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About Us

Kairos means "God's Time".
​Our company believes in quality work in a timely manner.
Kairos Home Improvement, Inc. is a family run business that partners with homeowners, investors, property managers, and more. The company started in August of 2014 as side jobs, but evolved as clients were extremely satisfied with the way their projects turned out and started asking for more work to be done. Kairos is a full service licensed contractor that works in most Maryland areas with a vision to bring your dream home to life.

"The goal is to exceed your expectations and deliver your projects in
a timely manner with clear communications throughout
the project duration."

-Kairos Owners

In 2018, Mynor (Owner) quit his job working for the Union to dedicate himself into the development of Kairos. As time passed, more and more opportunities presented themselves and lead the company to truly take form. Kairos Home Improvement, Inc. sets out to 'WOW' our clients by showing you the careful attention you deserve with consistency, communication, and trust.
When you choose to work with Kairos, you're choosing to work with a team who is dedicated to bringing the vision to life. We leave a lasting impression that creates a relationship which has had many Maryland homeowners trusting us with their projects time and time again.

Meet The Team

Mynor Escobar


Ivonne Escobar




Mynor Escobar is the owner of Kairos Home Improvement, Inc. Mynor is the Operations/Project Manager and a certified Journeyman in HVAC ventilation.  In 2018, he quit his job working for the Union to dedicate himself to the growth and development of Kairos. He started by working on big projects in Washington D.C. remodeling apartments. From there, more opportunities presented themselves and lead the company to taking form. Mynor is present on all job sites and the quality of the work is very closely monitored. In 2014, he took a leap of faith and started the company because he felt a calling  to do so. He has immersed himself in Kairos, to bring joy to families and continue to impress others with the work his company puts out. When you contract us for your next project, Mynor will be there and ensure your renovations turn out more than perfect.

Ivonne Escobar is the Business/Financial Manager of Kairos Home Improvement, Inc. Ivonne has a strong background in managing businesses and franchises. She worked in sales for many years and is a Veteran of the United States Army. She recently took on the role of handling the business from the inside.

Riveka Diaz is the Client Relations Manager of Kairos Home Improvement, Inc. Riveka holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration with a Minor in Marketing from Stevenson University. Riveka joined the workforce in retail sales, where she discovered that she was great at uncovering client's needs. Upon entering her second year of college, she declared a Minor in Marketing because it combined her passion for helping others and social media. Riveka takes care of the client satisfaction for Kairos Home Improvement, Inc. She decided to join the team upon graduation to support the growth of the family business.

Juan is the Client Relations Specialist of Kairos Home Improvement, Inc. Juan went to All-State Career School to pursue a career in Medicine. After completing his program, he went on to be a nurse at Multi-Specialty Healthcare. After his time there, he made the decision to try out the sales field. He has experience managing a team, recruiting, and staffing multiple businesses. His willingness to learn new trades opened the door to the opportunity of working for Kairos Home Improvement, Inc. He started as a Laborer to learn the field with the intention to become an Estimator and become Mynor's protégé. 



 These are some of the faces our clients see during their projects. Our team makes the house a home. They consistently work hard and ensure the finished project is top tier quality in a reasonable time frame.

Pictured from left to right: Matthew, Henry, Parker, Juan, Jose, and Mynor (owner).

*If you are interested in joining our team please send us your resume to*

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