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Paint Cans




Kairos Home Improvement works with investors to meet their bottom line and make the process of flipping, renovating, and/or turning over their properties easier than ever.

We have partnered with the distribution company, WE Distribute, to create a package deal for our investors that include quality products at great rates.

Getting a Quote

We charge a $150 fee for our professional estimator to go out and provide a quote for our investors.

We have a personalized and detailed process when delivering a quote specifically for investors.

Once the initial visit to the property has been completed, our team will put together a professional proposal including the work that was reuested and proposed by the estimator.

We usually like to work your quote backwards. Most investors have a pre-set number to work off of; we are able to manage that budget for you and help you make the most out of your investment. 

Lead Time

On average we get detailed propsals out within 5 to 7 business days. This includes the quote with labor costs and material allowances, a materials presentation provided by our sister company "WE Distribute", a file created specifically talored towards your property portfolio's "look", and an in person meeting in our Owings Mills office to go over the details and hone in on timelines. 

If you do not have a designated look for your portfolio yet, our designer will sit with you and create one.

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