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Quality is the best business plan out there.


Our partners help us make our quality design and construction process possible.

McCormick Paints

McCormick is one of the oldest paint manufacturers in the country. Kairos can attest that these paints do protect the long-term durability of our projects because they are specifically formulated to adapt to the Mid-Atlantic climate. 

Browse McCormick products here. 


Vita Cabinetry

Vita is a wholesale distributor that carries major domestic and international brands for vanities and kitchen cabinets. We partner with Vita because the company carries a selection of high-quality products that fit the lifestyles and price ranges our clients want.

Browse Vita products here.


MSI Surfaces

We partner with MSI Surfaces for flooring, countertops, backsplash, tile, sinks, faucets, natural stone, and more. As described on the company website, MSI Surfaces carries a powerhouse of invincible materials. We partner with this brand so that our clients do not have to sacrifice comfort and style for durable, low-maintenance materials.

Browse products at MSI Surfaces here.


Emma Wells | Interior Designer

Interior design has been Emma's passion since she was young. Her journey in the industry began with home staging where she received guidance and coaching from several senior designers. Emma earned a degree in interior design and went on to work for a design studio in Washington, D.C. She then took the opportunity to work for a residential custom-building company and used the knowledge that she gained from this experience to start her own business. Emma actively looks for new artistic design ideas while dining and traveling, she enjoys integrating these bits of inspiration into projects for her clients.


​"Since partnering with Kairos, I was able to accomplish one of my largest projects of designing a commercial space for a restaurant in College Park, MD".

View Designs by Emma Wells website here. 

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David Dymond | Architecht

David is currently licensed in Maryland and Texas. He is also an accredited CSI CDT (Construction Specifiers Institute Construction Documents Technologist), and LEED AP (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design).

David went on to earn two degrees in architecture from Texas Tech University. He was initially torn between pursuing engineering or architecture. After his first semester in the architecture program at Texas Tech, he knew that he had made the right decision because he felt so "among his people". 

David genuinely enjoys helping people with solving problems, regardless of the scale. He worked for several large international firms prior to starting his small firm and he derives just as much satisfaction from working on small projects as he dose working on high-rise skylines.

"Architecture is the dichotomy of two basic human needs: shelter, a necessity, and, beauty, a seemingly unnecessary quality. Being able to improve the human experience is extremely rewarding".

View Dymond Architecture website here. 

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