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Our Services

Our reputation with projects reinforces our ability to complete the vision you set out to achieve. Let's work together to make it happen.

Kitchen Remodeling
Complete kitchen layouts for new construction or remodeling projects. These include floor plans, elevations, and perspectives.

Flooring Installment
Coordinate and manage all installations including carpet, vinyl, V.C.T., laminate, wood, and all types of tile. Applicable for residential and commercial applications.

Interior Renovation
Complete interior renovations, partnering with investors and real estate agents to complete/change homes to satisfy clients needs.

Bathroom Remodeling
Complete bathroom remodeling includes demos, tiling, granite surrounds, mud pans, shower pans, vanities, granite countertops, sinks, framing, dry wall, texture, paint, plumbing, electrical, all home and garden displays, and/or home shows.

HVAC and Electrical
Complete electrical work and install the heating, ventilation, and/or air conditioning in residential and commercial projects.

SneezeGuard Installation
Installation of the SneezeGuard Plexiglass barrier for businesses to protect your employees and customers.

Renovations and services for single-family homes, apartment buildings, condominiums, and etc.
If you are a property manager, investor, fix and flipper, or real estate agent, please email us at for more details.

Don't see a service you're interested in? Send us a message, we do it all!

To view a list of the areas in Maryland we service, please click here.

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